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Amanda Falconer

Owner at Fanciflair

'My business, Fanciflair, offers bespoke, unique and personalised gifts such as handpainted glassware and upcycled ceramics including seasonal gifts.

I have always been creative and artistic from a very young age, but it only properly started as a hobby in 2011 as a way to de-stress after a busy day working for the NHS. All my initial creations were presents for family and friends, and in the beginning I couldn’t envisage that it would expand further.

Since then I’ve come a long way – my single room upstairs is now my workshop and I have a website, an eBay shop and a Folksy shop. I have invested in craft market stands and equipment and am very well stocked. I hope to start to break even towards the start of next year, and I am confident this will happen if I keep working hard and putting in the effort and keeping the products high-quality.

Having the Gold Card team is like having the Dragons of Dragon’s Den pushing me on and helping me get the best from my business. To date, I have received the iZettle so I can take card payments without the cost of any contract hire and received £75 credit for Facebook to promote my business (this is excellent and has really helped generate orders for me).

I would recommend Huddlebuy as they are not pushy. They provide great benefits that really work and the staff are so helpful. Plus, there is really NO CATCH! It’s exactly how it is even if it does sound too good to be true.'

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Benjamin Brewis

Owner at Firesnake Studios

Firesnake Studio is a multidisciplinary design consultancy that aims to help show people and businesses new ways in which to view the world around them. The 'mind' of the studio is graphic design but the 'heart' is digital fine art. Our recent work includes branding for a bespoke removal company in the US, sleeve art for a top Australian DJ and digital wallpaper for a top boarding school in Ireland.

I started Firesnake at Design College in the late 90's after an inspiring lecture by designer Swifty. Being a DJ helped bring about collaborations with local record labels and night clubs, so I gained a great understanding of building a business and brand whilst also creatively indulging in flyer designs and helping to build unique visual styles. Then a stint working with LTJ Bukem's (drum and bass pioneer) Good Looking record label helped forge a strong independent spirit.

The studio is still young so the Huddlebuy Gold Card has given a tremendous boost to the marketing aspect; greater Facebook exposure listings on over 400 directories and an iZettle ) iPad point-of-sale set-up. This will be essential for selling products at galleries and future pop-up stores. I even gave my wife a free luxury pamper day as a thank you for putting up with the late night working!

I'd recommend Huddlebuy in a heartbeat to anyone in business, especially small businesses and individuals.

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Joris Smet

Owner at Smet Building Products

I created Smet Building Products Ltd due to the continued demand for my advice and services after 10 years working in the leading dry mortar industries in The Netherlands, Ireland and UK. Having secured sole agencies for innovative European screeds & renders and invested in logistics for both bulk and bagged products, the SMET brand was born. We are a young dynamic company with customer loyalty at the foundation of our creation and future development.

We have worked hard and are thankful to see continued growth each quarter mainly due to the strategic introduction of innovative product ranges and by offering variable delivery systems by package or bulk. We are also continuously busy behind the scenes with advancements on our online offering and digital media.

What I like about Huddlebuy is that, unlike most of these ‘discount’ and ‘voucher’ type offerings they offer relevant business solutions from relevant brands. They’re on the ball when it comes to technological developments. For example; long ago when we first commenced our own internal program of SEO, and even before most companies had even heard of it, they already had packages available to help businesses get the most from these new tools. As entrepreneurs, we found this impressive.

We are delighted to have found Huddlebuy early and have always felt they are helping us stay one step ahead of the market. I look forward to more benefits from this dynamic young company – well done guys!

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Owner at Make & Do Studio

I am a transplanted American who has been here for almost 20 years and still wake up in a state of wonder as to how I am here! I started the Make and Do Studio located in Cheshire in 2009 to fill a gap in the market for teaching sewing workshops as there were none in our area. I wanted to create an environment where people could take a workshop where the numbers of students was low, and the tutors were very well established within their field.

We started out with a few basic sewing workshops and have now added another seven tutors to our rota. We now have a total of 25 workshops on our books – from traditional wet felting to a complete range of soft furnishings workshops, to creative wrapping, and we have recently started introducing food workshops with the introduction of our Bread-making workshop.

I would and have recommended Huddlebuy to anyone who has a small business but wants to have access to discounts that would normally be for larger companies. And the products that they promote really are beneficial to someone like me - from free business cards from Moo to the fantastic iZettle - they really do help the small business community. I use the iZettle card reader all the time and people genuinely are amazed when I tell them that we take credit cards and then show them how we use it. It really does raise my profile as a small business that takes ease of payment seriously!